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Morri de rir com alguns comentários e fiquei preocupada com outras coisas que li, afinal, eu não como frutas!!!!

Cada linha corresponde a um comentário, claro está!

it tastes awful, what can she do to make it taste better? please help!

Tell her to fucking shower

Make her eat lots of fruits, women who don't eat fruit taste bad

yogurt i heard... but yes showering works too

I bet she has pubic hair.

book an appointment at gynaecologist. and shower!

If it's not a helth issue, then fruits and shower is the solution.
Maybe you are the problem and you don't like the juices :shifty:

Chapter 4 - How to get a tasteful vagina (From the Textbook of cooking for gourmets):
1. take a shower
2. squeeze 0.5 lb of fresh oranges, 0.5 lb of fresh lemons, and a half of pineapple on your pubic area
3. go to buy 1 banana
4. visit a doctor

yeast infection? :projectilevom:

Eh, I like a puss to smell like a puss not a fruit salad, so I'm not sure I'd go with all those suggestions. It's supposed to smell slightly musky (in a good way, not a omg way).

Unless this chick is truly rank and it's your last hope.
But if she's truly rank, she's probably ill (can temporarily throw your body chemistry off), doesn't bath, or is skanking it up behind your back with dudes.

:rofl: And she smells cock?

Seems plausible! Bitch probably got the herp.

Drinking lots of pineapple juice helps, so does cutting down on things like coffee, cigarettes and the like.

I'm as much of a dyke as the rest of you, but you do know not all men are riddled with STDs and generally dirty, right? Like they're not cartoon villains?

I was mostly joking. I know men don't have cooties, and I like them fine as people.

I was partly serious though. It is in fact easier to catch an std (that might be stinking up the joint here) through straight sex, than through lesbian sex. Stuff does in fact come out of dicks. Stuff that has fluids containing potentially something that could linger in her pussy or give her an std. It's just not as likely that finger, tongue or toy is going to be expelling a substance like a dick does.

You are an uninformed idiot.

This so much. I like pussy to taste and smell like pussy!

whats the pussy smell anyway?

tell her to go vegan. my gf is vegan and she tastes fucking amazing.


1. Take a finger
2. Insert said finger in your pussy*
3. Take it out
4. Stick it in your mouth**

* Important note:
pussy, NOT your ass, I repeat, NOT your ass

** before typing to inform us as to the results of your experiment,
you may want to wash your finger, or not, it's your keyboard

I'm so glad I've never been in that situation, how do you tell a girl that?

OP: "Hey, I have something to tell you."
OP's gf: "What is it, bb?"
OP: "Your pussy stinks."
OP's gf: :'(

E podem seguir o resto aqui...o que não faltam são teorias interessantes lá...

3 comentários:

vizinha de alguém disse...

Já tinha ouvido essa em relação aos homens e, na altura, deram-me uma boa justificação, que já não me lembro, para isso. Mas agora nas mulheres nunca tinha ouvido falar.

Patty disse...

Isso quer dizer que também não comes??? Fruta????


vizinha de alguém disse...

Se não como?
oh pah... assim parece.

Gostei desta:

1. Take a finger
2. Insert said finger in your pussy*
3. Take it out
4. Stick it in your mouth**

* Important note:
pussy, NOT your ass, I repeat, NOT your ass

Genial. lol

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